Marketing Made Simple

Marketing is a vast discipline and for any business can be challenging. Knowing where to invest time, energy and effort can be a mine field. Even worse if you’ve tried “all the things” and the leads aren’t flowing in, the chances are you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and quite frankly frustrated. Your marketing isn’t driving results.

When we first meet I aim to surprise you. I don’t what to know about the marketing you’ve tried. Instead of rehashing what marketing hasn’t worked, I want to have a  conversation about your business and perhaps more importantly your clients.


Your clients should be at the heart of your marketing. 

What do they care about, what excites them, what do they want and what do they need?

Sounds simple. Perhaps too simple.

In truth, I ask a lot more questions than that. I want to get under the hood of your business and marketing. I want to know about the 7 P’s of marketing in your business. Yikes, I can’t believe I’ve just typed this, because I’ve never used that phrase before. I don’t talk like that in real life.

When we talk, you won’t hear me talk theory, just simple questions.

But I’m going to make an exception and use the 7 P’s theory as it’s a simple way to understand what I’m going to ask you!

The 7 P’s of Marketing

1. Product – what are your products/services?
2. Price – how much do you charge?
3. Place – where are your products/services available?
4. Promotion – how are you promoting your products/services?
5. People – who’s selling your products/services?
6. Process – how do clients get your products?
7. Physical evidence – how do clients get to trust your products/services when they’ve never bought from you before?

This is a simplified version of the 7 P’s of marketing. If you’d like to read more about this, a great free resource is available from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) here.

Why will I ask you these questions?

By asking questions about these areas of your business I can understand how client-centric your marketing really is.   Is your client whispering in your ear when you’re making marketing decisions. Or are you simply following the latest “thing”, listening to the latest marketing guru, online entrepreneur, or someone you met at a marketing event?

Book a no obligation chat with me about your marketing, and to discuss how we can improve your results here.

During our chat if I  know we can help you, I will pitch our services to you.  However, we’re not the right agency for every business, so if we can’t help you I’ll recommend someone who can help you.


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